Church of St John the Baptist on the shores of Lake Bohinj

Church of St John the Baptist on the shores of Lake Bohinj

Dates visited: September 16, 2009

We stopped in Bohinj on our way to Vintgar Gorge in Gorje. The attractions here are Lake Bohinj which is the largest permanent lake in Slovenia, located within the Bohinj Valley of the Julian Alps, and the statue of the legendary Goldhorn chamois—a legendary white chamois buck. We saw several outdoor enthusiasts in Bohinj as they prepared themselves for mountaineering and climbing tours.

It was on this drive that we saw a kozolec—a roofed hayrack unique to Slovenia. They are all over the place (apparently 80% of all the hayracks in the world are in Slovenia). They are used for drying hay and other crops, and in case of a toplar (roofed double hayrack), the structure also shelters farm equipment. There are several kinds of hayracks and these are just some of the ones we saw.

  • Split-level double hayrack (kozolec na kozla, kozolec na psa)
  • Single straight-line hayrack (enojni stegnjeni kozolec)
  • Single straight-line hayrack with catslide roof (stegnjeni kozolec s plaščem)

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