Collectible spoons... ...hungry for travel?

Collectible spoons… …hungry for travel?

The spoon in the tag line “seeing the world, one spoon at a time” refers to a souvenir spoon aka collectible spoon. Here is my entire collection of collectible spoons starting from the first spoon we ever bought in 2001 until present day. We had no idea, back in 2001, that this souvenir would be the beginning of a tradition representing more than just places we visited. Each spoon has its own story, its own memory, its own vibe, its own personality, but most importantly, it has its place etched into our hearts as a loving tribute to everything that the people and attractions of that village, town, city or country had to offer.

International Travel:

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  1. Hi! Great collection! I just want to ask where specifically in Vietnam you got your spoon? And if such items are easy to find there? I will be travelling next month to Ho Chi Minh City and a friend is requesting me to bring her a tea spoon and fork to add to her collection. Hope for your reply and thanks so much!

    • Unfortunately, finding collectible spoons on my recent SE Asia (Taiwan, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand) vacation was quite a chore. In my experience, collectible spoons are more common in the Americas and Europe.

      To answer your question, I did not find a single Vietnam collectible spoon in any of the cities I visited. I was lucky enough to find one at a gift shop inside Hue’s international airport. Good luck in your quest!

      • I know this is a little late for this post, but the post office by Notre Dame has some spoons in the souvenir shops there.

  2. Where did you get the spoon for Ecuador/Galapagos? We searched everywhere and couldn’t find any spoons at all. Do you know of a site or company we could get a great spoon from?


    • I do not buy souvenir spoons online so your “Google Search” is as good as mine. All I remember is having to scour several souvenir shops in Quito for a Galapagos spoon. Eventually, I found success when my local guide took me to a street market and one shopkeeper was able to direct us to another shop that he thought might carry a spoon. I am afraid I do not recollect the location of that shop. Happy spoon hunting!

  3. Hello! Where did you get your Taiwan spoons? I haven’t found one, much less two! and they’re so beautiful, too.

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