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Sid Paralkar

Sid Paralkar

I (Sid Paralkar) was bitten by the travel bug in my mid-20s, and have been traveling since then—experiencing different cultures, tasting different cuisines, seeing different sights, and meeting different people.

This travel blog captures the vacations I’ve taken with the most important person in the world—Prachi. Prachi was my friend first, then my roommate, then my fiancé and somewhere along the journey of life, we got married. We now have a son (Rohan) who loves traveling as much as I do, but since he’s in elementary school, our vacation schedules are pretty much dictated by his school calendar. He has been keeping a travel journal since he started writing and I must confess, that was one of my sources of inspiration to start this travel blog.

So after reading my bio, you might be wondering about the tag line “seeing the world, one spoon at a time”. Well, the “spoon” here is a souvenir spoon aka collectible spoon. We started collecting souvenir spoons back in 2001 as… …souvenirs (duh!). And since then, we have continued our tradition of bringing back a souvenir spoon for every place, city or a country we visit. Some people collect magnets, shot glasses, t-shirts, etc, but we collect spoons! So with that introduction, I welcome you to Spoonful of World. Join me and my family as we see the world, one spoon at a time!


  • Beaches
  • Waterfalls
  • Island life
  • Architecture


  • Rainy vacation days.
  • Not being punctual.
  • Using an iPad for photography.
  • Not obeying signs such as “No Photography” or “Flash Photography Prohibited”.

My current camera is a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100. And prior to that I’ve had Canon PowerShot models S45 and SD790 IS. Yes, nothing but point-and-shoot compact cameras! I absolutely detest carrying a camera around my neck or requiring a bag to hold the camera. My idea of a camera is something that fits in my pocket, doesn’t get in my way and I don’t have to feel horrible if it gets scratched or wet. For the enthusiasm I share about photography and the kind of pictures I take, I’m happy with my camera choices so far. Of course, good pictures capture great memories… …I just don’t need a big camera for that.

Note: A few pictures on my blog are taken by friends who joined us on our trips. These pictures have been used here with their permission. As I always say, “Like-minded company on a vacation is an asset to be treasured.” You make those many more marvelous memories that last for a long long time.

Sid Paralkar


  1. Congratulations Sid !!!!
    This site is really great help for travelers…

  2. This is an awesome blog Sid!

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