Keel-billed Toucan at La Paz Waterfall Gardens

Keel-billed Toucan at La Paz Waterfall Gardens

Dates visited: December 22, 2012 – December 23, 2012

Alajuela is nothing special so we just drove through the city to feel the vibe. The city was our base to explore the Poás Volcano and the La Paz Waterfall gardens. Unfortunately, it rained in the morning, on our way to Poás Volcano so the crater was covered by a dense fog. We made a u-turn at the entrance based on the park ranger’s advice of no point in wasting money. We then visited La Paz Waterfall gardens and that proved to be an absolute hit with Rohan. We got to hold and pose with toucans, and see many more colorful birds in the aviary. The Hummingbird garden was quite something as I’d never seen so many species of whirring helicopters in one place; we almost had these swift birds eating out of our hands. Other wildlife included a jaguar, an ocelot, butterflies, reptiles and monkeys. We ended our visit with a hike to the spectacular La Paz Waterfall-the platforms got us very close to the falls so we got sprayed by the cool water.

The upside to the rainy day was that we got to see a double and at times, a triple rainbow (my first ever!) arching across the lush green mountains.



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