The Duke and the Duchess at the Thun Castle… …photobombed by a Casper look-alike ghost!

Dates visited: April 19, 2001

While Thun is a beautiful city with a magnificent castle and a picturesque lake, Prachi remembers it for a completely different reason. This city is where she met her pen friend (for the second time) with whom she had been corresponding for 12 years!! They were so ecstatic on seeing each other, that they hugged one another so tightly and for so long, I had to pry them apart and introduce myself! Her pen friend was a wonderful person and we spent the day with her, exploring Thun.

We got from Wengen to Interlaken by train, and from there, we took an extremely windy, but a scenic boat cruise on Lake Thun. We visited Schloss Thun (Thun Castle) built in the 12th century that houses a five-storey historical museum and a Kinght’s Hall. The view from the corner towers was spectacular as we could see the pretty city, perched on LakeThun, with the Bernese Alps guarding the sight.

We ended the day with a stroll along Obere Hauptgasse, the main street with landscaped gardens, pretty buildings and lots of shops. We bought our Swiss chalet cuckoo clock here and after all these years, it is still going strong… …the cuckoo reminding us of our wonderful Swiss vacation every hour of the day.



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