He was so excited... ...he didn't realize he was wearing an adult-sized snorkel!

He was so excited… …he didn’t realize he was wearing an adult-sized snorkel!

Dates visited: December 25, 2012

23 miles south-west of Playa del Carmen (around 35 mins by car), Akumal is a great place for snorkeling. We snorkeled in Yalku-ito; a place where the underground freshwater of the ground of the Yucatan Peninsula exits towards the ocean. We saw several schools of colored fishes. The ride to Yalku-ito was rough and Prachi experienced one of her worst bouts of motion sickness.

We also snorkeled in Akumal Bay where we saw colorful coral, but the biggest attraction was the huge green sea turtles. A few of them were either curious or took a liking to me since they seemed to follow me for 10 minutes or so.

Unfortunately, I did not have an underwater camera so I can only post pictures of fine terrestrial specimens—namely, me! 🙂



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