Playa del Carmen

Didn't really miss Santa since Miss Claus-es filled in for him... ...celebrating Christmas at the resort

Didn’t really miss Santa since Miss Claus-es filled in for him… …celebrating Christmas at the resort

Dates visited: December 21, 2011 – December 30, 2011

It was a toss-up between Cancun and Playa del Carmen (PDC), and PDC won primarily because it is more family-oriented than Cancun… …but of course, don’t let the photo above deceive you! I was surprised to read that Cancun mostly receives American visitors while PDC receives Europeans. That wasn’t a factor in my decision but that fact was confirmed on seeing numerous European old men in tight Speedos on PDC beaches! 🙂

We were excited about PDC because this was also our first stay in an all-inclusive resort. I’d never felt the need to tie myself down to a resort’s entertainment programs or meal options since Prachi and I love the freedom to set our own schedules and try new restaurants. However, with a 6-year old, we thought that a resort might be a good idea so he could join a kids’ club and spend time with kids his age while Prachi and I would spend time on the beach… …and this worked out very well. The kids’ club used to help the kids rehearse musicals (Grease and Cats) that they would present to the entire resort in the night. Rohan had a blast… …though he had a tough time adjusting to Christmas celebrations without the snow and cold!

We ventured out to downtown (5th Avenue, La Quinta) which was a nice change from the beach scene. It was more of a party atmosphere with loud but catchy music blaring and lights flashing outside every bar/restaurant.

Xcaret park was also a hit with all of us. My memorable moment was swimming the entire stretch of one of the underground rivers! Also, do not miss the “Xcaret México Espectacular” show at Xcaret… …be there at least 45 mins early to catch the best seats.

We also visited Cenote Azul on our way back from Tulum to PDC. This is a wonderful cenote and the only one where all of us swam. There is a 20-24 ft jump off, and that’s how I made my splashy entry into the cool and fresh waters of the cenote!



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