Armação dos Búzios

If only all parking spaces were this pretty... ...

If only all parking spaces were this pretty… …

Dates visited: December 24, 2013 – December 28, 2013

What can be said about a place that has 22 beaches and the weather that stays perfect? Nothing! You are left speechless, admiring and enjoying every single second in this pretty little resort town.

Buzios is 105 miles east of Rio de Janeiro, and our pousada (B&B) in Buzios picked us up from Rio. It was a three hour ride. The first night, and actually every night, we visited the one and only happening street in Buzios— Rua das Pedras. This street comes alive in the night with great food, loud music, awesome vibe, street shows, and surprisingly enough, well-dressed girls (I guess they are tired of being in bikinis for most of the day).

With soft and colorful sand (shades of red, yellow and brown) on every beach, we had the option of selecting a beach based on the waves, snorkeling activities, food, shade, natural landscape and so much more. Basically, our typical day would be—get up, have breakfast, don swim suits, apply sun screen, head to a beach and not come back until evening! We visited these beaches—João Fernandes, Tartaruga (my favorite) and Ferradura. Umbrellas and chairs are provided free of cost by every restaurant on the beach with the expectation that you will order food and drinks from them. I didn’t have a problem with that as fresh coconut water and caipirinhas kept us well hydrated and the delicious seafood kept us thoroughly satisfied.



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