Disney World

Who let the mouse out?

Who let the mouse out?

Dates visited: November 21, 2001 – November 25, 2001 and January 29, 2014 – February 2, 2014

We visited Disney World in 2001 (before Rohan was born) and then again in 2014 (for Rohan), and despite the 13 year gap, Magic Kingdom still remains the happiest place on Earth! People complain about admission lines, ticket prices, huge crowds, etc., but the fact is once you are there, you are in a magical place… …you feel as excited and carefree as you did when you were a kid. In 2014, we visited Magic Kingdom over two days and we found that pace perfect. Rohan had a blast and he enjoyed every ride… …including Space Mountain which we did twice (and I hate roller coasters). Fortunately, the third time we stood in the line, they closed down the ride due to some technical problem; I thanked my lucky stars and exited the building at the speed of light. My personal favorite, however, was the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. I rode it twice and was ready for twenty more turns!

We also visited Animal Kingdom in 2014 but I came away disappointed. In hindsight, a better choice might have been Hollywood Studios but I was afraid Rohan might not get the movie references. But I survived Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom… …fortunately Rohan was thrilled with doing that ride just once and even though I shut my eyes and screamed my lungs out throughout, it was a heck of a exhilarating ride.



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